Variair VFD 2-Stage Regenerative Blowers

Variair VFD 2-Stage Regenerative BlowersThe Variair VFD regenerative blowers that we configure for pressure applications are quiet and compact and require minimal maintenance.

Providing 100% oil-less, contact-less operation, our Variair regenerative blowers deliver high performance, constant pressure and a 20:1 flow ratio. Features include a patented intelligent variable speed controller and integrated inlet filter.

If you want dependability and reliability in an industry-leading pressure pump, contact your local Becker dealer for help with selecting the best Variair VFD regenerative blowers to fulfill your requirements.

*Inverter is voltage specific.

Model CFM
Open Flow
Max. Pr. HP/kW Documents
VAU SV 8.130/2-401 76 153 in.Wg *
VAU SV7.190/2-401 109 181 in.Wg *
VAU SV 8.190/2-401 * * *
VAU SV 7.330/2-401 171 221 in.Wg *